Self Selection

North West Private Ambulance Liaison Services

At NWPALS we look to recruit team members who meet certain requirements and the following questions are designed to help you and us in the recruitment process.

All our vehicles are manual gear change and our insurers have a minimum age requirement.

The work we undertake frequently involves the movement of patients from beds to stretchers or wheelchairs. There are occasions when it is necessary to carry patients using a carry chair up or down staircases.

Our business operates everyday of every year throughout the day and night. All members of the team are expected to play their part in providing On Call cover (normally between 23:00 and 08:00 daily).

We have night shifts and an Out of Hours Service that you may have to play your part in delivering.

We will ask for some basic personal information on the next page. This is used by NWPALS and will never be sold or given knowingly to any third parties.
If you do not wish us to store this information, please do not proceed.

We like to keep a record of people who are interested in joining the organisation and as part of our record keeping we ask you a few questions about yourself.

“Can you demonstrate that you have a minimum of 3 years driving experience since reaching the age of 21 with no convictions for motoring offences?”

“Do you have a full UK driving licence to drive manual gear box vehicles?”

“Does your licence entitle you to drive Category B vehicles?”

“Have you 6 or less penalty points on your licence?”

“Do you have any condition (medical or physical) that prevents you from lifting and handling?”

“Do you have any condition (medical or physical) that restricts your ability to lift and move a patient , possibly up or down a flight of stairs?"

“Do you have any condition (medical or physical) that prevents you from working during unsocial hours, i.e. nights?”

“We have a contract with a client that requires us to provide a night service. This requires all our team to be willing to work on call and/or a night shift. The company currently has a requirement for you to be willing and available for a minimum of one night in each calendar month. Are you willing to work a minimum of one per month?”

As part of our Health and Safety Policy, NWPALS undertakes random testing of drivers to ensure that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst at work.

Are you in agreement with the principle of random testing?


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Successful self selection

If you have reached this point then please complete a full application form by clicking on the link below and send it to us at the address on the form. We will then make contact to arrange the next stage of the recruitment process.

It is normal for us to invite you in for a driving assessment prior to attending our 3 day induction programme, it is essential you pass this assessment.

You will also be required to “Shadow” a crew on a real shift to see if the job is for you.

There will be a 3 day induction programme and a 1 day First Aid course for you to attend.

If you are still interested then please click the here for an application form.

Download Application

Unsuccessful self selection

If you have been directed to this section then you have not met one of the key criteria for working with us at this time.

We thank you for the time taken and wish you well for the future.

If your circumstances change then please come back and take the self assessment again.

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